Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ohio Inventors Google Earth Virtual Tour

Ohio Inventors Google Earth Tour

Having students do a Google Earth tour is a great way to integrate geography into nearly any subject. For example, students can take settings from various books they have read and connect them with important questions about the book as you go along the tour. Another idea would be to make connections between products made. Finding out about imports and exports of goods would be a great way to understand how trade and international business works. This could also be something as simple as taking a tour of historical figures that you might be learning about in social studies. Finding birthplaces, sites of famous happenings in their lives, or perhaps a memorial site for someone would be an interesting way to ask and answer questions, and search for interesting facts about the people that have been linked.

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  1. Your tour was great and I played with it before I made mine. I didn't see if you added any links, but if you do add them, place the link in the description area of the box. I kept placing my links in the link box only, and it would not show up when I clicked the yellow push pin. I figured that out after much frustration.