Thursday, November 11, 2010

Evidence of Network Participation

Sheri Grech's PLN

Karen Redmond's Webquest

Technoducation Web 2.0 Research

Here are just a few links to evidence of my participation. I have also commented several times on our class discussion board for the video forum. During this semester I have also discussed the pieces we are learning in class with every colleague that I have come into contact with in order to get their ideas on how to incorporate this stuff into the classroom.

Webquest- Becoming a Word Doctor

Becoming a Word Doctor Webquest

Using a webquest in the classroom is fairly self-explanatory. I would have students work in pairs or groups to create a webquest on any subject. The advantage to this would be that students would need to research websites that will help them through the journey. This will give the students an opportunity to explore and learn that there are dozens of websites out there to help them learn nearly anything. They will also have to show their creativity by "hooking" other students with their gimmick.