Monday, September 27, 2010

Let me know about your favorite type of story to read for class.

I can use this online polling system to learn about student interests which will help in my classroom planning.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Studiyo Quiz- Geography (just a sample)

4th Grade Number Sense Quiz

Making an online quiz is a tremendous way for students to learn nearly any subject from its insides. I think this would be a great application for math especially. It's one thing for students to know how to simply do the mathematical process to figure out answers to problems, but if a student had to make a test they would have to think about other reasons on how to approach a problem. The students would not only have to think like a teacher by creating questions, but they would also have to know the common mistakes that students might make on their way and offer them as possible answer choices. This would push students to go beyond simple memorization and get them into a higher level of thinking by analyzing and interpreting information.

The Parts of a Sentence

In order for younger students to understand if they have written complete sentences, they can use this Google Docs integration to compare what they have written to several examples of sentences. The main way I would implement something like this into the classroom is to have students submit sample sentences and have other students label or edit them in order to create fuller, more complete sentences. Using the model as a guide and having other students be able to access their work to edit online would be very helpful in peer editing.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Web 2.0 Review

After looking through several items on Web 2.0's Cool Tools For Schools, I found a wonderful tool for voice recording. I think that this tool is a great way to have students record their voices while reading and be able to listen to themselves back in order to gain fluency skills. By allowing them to hear their pace, tone, and pronunciations, students can then begin to correct their mistakes or improve in some way.